Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

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Lyn Huntoon Wolk


Conflict is part of our everyday lives.  Often it is up to us whether we run and hide from it, fight it or embrace it.  Lyn’s role is to help you embrace conflict with interest, empathy and courage.  Mediation helps parties to have a conversation that, for whatever reason, they have not been able to have themselves.  Sometimes a neutral third person is all that is needed to help start the conversation.  Lyn serves as that person, enabling each party to be self-reliant in overcoming obstacles and communicating clearly with each other.  Lyn helps the parties to set and achieve goals while keeping the process on track.

Conflict begs to be viewed not merely as a problem waiting to be solved but as an opportunity for growth, cooperation, and development waiting to be fulfilled. —Jay Rothman
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