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Lyn Huntoon Wolk

About Lyn

Courage – Compassion – Connection

As a conflict management specialist, Lyn Huntoon Wolk, M.S. assists clients in reaching creative collaboration and productive outcomes.  Lyn’s approach to each situation involves flexibility and a facilitative process allowing parties to establish purposeful goals and a way to reach them through open communication and a mature, balanced and respectful approach to resolution.

Lyn’s extensive professional experience of over 25 years in human resources, higher education, construction and adult family issues adds to her passion to help others.  In this work, Lyn served in the roles of mediator, facilitator, trainer and conflict coach.  She assists others to have their voice heard in the room and to travel through the thorny path of conflict in a way that is meaningful and purposeful towards a positive collaboration.

When we are in conflict, it is often difficult to hear what the other person is saying or why the matter is so important to them.  Lyn will help guide you through the process so that each person has the ability to communicate with the other and to speak for themselves on what is really important, while at the same time maintaining relationships and working together towards a mutually satisfying outcome.

Lyn’s respectful and calming personality will put you at ease so you can feel the most comfortable in doing the work you need to do.  Lyn’s experience, knowledge and skills will allow you the confidence in having an outside person you can trust to help guide you.  You will find Lyn to be respectful of your situation and accepting of your goals.

Lyn holds a M.S. in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies, is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the New England Association for Conflict Resolution, and serves on the boards of area non-profit organizations..

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