Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Elder & Adult Family Mediation.

Elder & Adult Family Mediation

Transitions are scary and can be stressful for everyone involved.  As family members maneuver through the uncharted territory of transitions related to caring for elderly parents, emotions are especially charged.  Families find themselves struggling to accept the new reality, their changing roles and a way to work together that ensures respect, dignity and the best care for their loved ones, and each other.  Decisions can be numerous and hard to make, especially when relationships are strained.  Sensitive topics include parental care, long term care, end of life decisions, family home and property disbursement, and many more.  This is a time when trust, cooperation and open communication are critical.

Transitions can also be a time for growth, strength, and connectedness.

Lyn’s training includes specialized skills working with adult families.  Lyn served in this role with her own aging parents, as well as having worked with many families navigating their own situation.  Each one is different.  Each one can result in a rich and rewarding experience.  Working with adult families is something Lyn considers a gift and a privilege to do.

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