Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Workplace & Employment Mediation.

Workplace & Employment Mediation

Whether it is a situation between employee and employee, employee and supervisor, management and union or simply changes in management and staffing, conflict is present.  Fear and angst are present.  Misunderstandings, unclear communication and mistrust can occur.  Through mediation, Lyn helps you develop the skills necessary to enhance communication, work together through difficult issues and to develop respectful and achievable goals.  Mediation will allow you to focus on the solution and future, not the past and blame.  You will be the ones to create a plan that works for you moving forward, one that represents each of your interests.

Lyn’s experience of over 25 years in the private and public business sector, higher education and as human resources director lays the foundation for her passion in conflict management.  In working with parties, Lyn’s focus is to promote cooperation while putting others at ease and respecting other’s opinions.  It is to create a sense of community in the workplace with purpose and vision.


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